Guardian X: undertaking a Monumental task

A Different Approach

It takes a special kind of crazy to attempt anything of this magnitude.  Many have tried before.  From ecologists to human rights activists, and everything in between, success was limited.  Despite truth and forewarning, why was their success limited?

Our first answer is… they lacked a serious strategy, and very powerful allies/partners.

We, at Guardian X, have that.  Our approach is very different from what has already been done.  While we have learned much from our above mentioned predecessors, we have many strategies to choose from.  It’s all part of our 5 Masteries System.

Our second answer is… they were at a serious disadvantage before they ever started.

No one can go head-to-head with governments and Large/World Corporations and expect to gain anything. That’s just not how the world works.  We understand the unspoken rules concerning how the world really works.  It’s part of our 5 Masteries System... surprise!



Guardian X training is only part of our overall strategy.  Consider it as Phase One.  That does not mean that other phases have to wait for the first to be finished in order to be applied.

Quality Over Quantity

What’s the 5 Masteries System?

First, it’s anything a human being will deal with in life.

Second, it’s a powerful toolbox that grants enormous strength and understanding about the first part.

Third, and this is important, it is meant to be a solid basis to any human being.  It is not meant to turn everyone into an identical clone.  The unique individuality of people is what makes innovation and breakthroughs possible.

Oh!  We almost forgot to mention something… it’s also the recipe required to remodel (and save)… the world!

It’s all that based on 5 elements that work together:

  • Money Mastery
  • Knowledge Mastery
  • Physical Mastery
  • Environmental Mastery
  • Strategic Approach

Guardian X: Phase one


This is what Our 5 Masteries System was meant for.  Education and strengthening are required to head towards a brighter future.



Connect with the people being trained.  Offer answers and help as much as we can online.  This is done through forums and polls.



We don’t believe in customers… we believe in allies.  We give reports as to where the world stands with insights as well


Research and apply

This is the pre-cursor to another phase.  We, at Gx, are not all talk… we are going to work on the ground level in order to help make change possible.

ABOUT OUR project


Determined to create something better, our project was formed out of necessity.  The world happenings, as it stands now, completely disregard common-sense.  Humanity is knowingly heading towards it’s own extinction.  This has been scientifically proven and is practically unanimously agreed upon by the scientific community world-wide.  In order to help this and future generations survive the present madness, a small group of people developed this powerful initiative.

Guardian X is honest, straightforward, and sometimes a little… blunt.

Honesty is one of our core values.

We consider that people are important.  We want to treat people as any good friend would.

Friends, and we mean true friends, won’t lie to spare your feelings when you are at risk of harming yourself.  In such situations… friends will be blunt… even if the truth hurts.

We do not encourage whining, blame, violence in any way.  We don’t have any time for such things, as a race. 

We are compassionate… not weak or naïve.

That’s the mature vibe you can expect from this project.

Such a project demands that we raise our standards on both a professional and personal level.