High quality team, high quality results

designed by strong people, for people

At Guardian X, our team is our foundation.  Our people practice what we preach.  Everyday we become stronger, as individuals and as a team.  There are no weak links.

Based on compassion and an enormous challenge, Gx has been years in the making.  From studying finance (personal, business, world-scale economics), all forms of learning (education, marketing, psychology… and the dark side of these), health (traditional, modern, wholistic and it’s derivatives), environmental sciences (just about everything under the sun and the moon), and strategies (organization, self-help, personal and corporate systems, administration, private and public relations…).

Guardian X is not a fad.  It’s been over 20 years in the making… gestating… to be born now.  We’ll answer the obvious question.  Why wait until now?

We hesitated… we are guilty of that.  That hesitation is over… we’re all-in.

Our team has a clear message for everyone reading this:

While this is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced… it is also the best time in history to harness our social connectivity, boosting our ability to work together 100 fold.