Gx 5 masteries training

It’s not free… very close though.

It’s a whopping $5/month.

Our training is worth a lot… you’d be surprised at what you’d have to pay for a fraction of that knowledge.

According to it’s design, however, it is required to reach as many people as possible.

Despite this, we are not giving it away.  You may like our explanation for this… keep reading.

How the funds are used

First, we are not government subsidized.  That one was obvious.  That’s a good thing.

Second, it costs money to maintain our presence online.  Free webhosting can be shut down at the provider’s discretion… blip, it’s gone.

Third, we need to exist in the real world.  We are people too.  We are very low maintenance.  We are dedicated to this endeavor… it’s in everyone’s best interest to have us focused on this on a full-time basis.

We need to express this clearly:

As mentioned above, we are not government subsidized.  That means our interests in the project (the people for people) are not influenced by government agendas.

We are not receiving money from corporations either.  Which means we are not influenced by any hidden agendas of any kind.  That’s good news for sure.

We are crowd-funded and work for humanity as people… not titles or governments… people.

Every dime over basic living goes back into the project.


how to access the programs

  • Patreon?: Patreon is a platform that offers “rewards” (whatever the “creator”, us, is offering) in exchange for a “pledge” (funds a “patron”, you, pays per creation or monthly).  Although it was developed for artists of all kinds (YouTubers, authors, musicians, podcasters…), we found it very well suited for our project.
  • Why?: Patreon links well with Social Media (Facebook, YouTube…).  Patreon has a secure site and takes care of the money part.  They have the professional set-up working with PayPal or Payoneer (whichever the patron prefers).  We never have to protect, manage, or touch any of that.  It’s safe and secure.
  • Even Better: Patreon is set-up in a patron friendly environment.  It acts as a more intimate version of Social Media.  We have a separate chat through a “Discord” integration.  You can see our goals, we can post, share video, set-up polls you can vote on… similar to Facebook… for patrons only.  If, for some reason, someone decided to pay $5/month to attempt to harm the project… we can boot that person out and not accept their payments.  Our project is too important to tolerate haters.  We are open to opinions… on a positive and constructive basis.
  • How does it work?: We’ve set-up “patron-only” content on this site in the “Resources” section.  That’s where you will find the “GX 5 Masteries training”.  That’s where you will find our monthly “Gx Affairs and insights” as well.  We also publish some of our material directly on Patreon.  We will make it available in the “Resources” section of this site as well.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on the “News” section for progress concerning the project.
  • Our Recommendations:  We recommend that you visit our Patreon page before signing-up.  That way you can view what it looks like beforehand.  You can always sign-up from there or here… it’s the same.  Do make sure to bookmark or add both these pages to your favorites in your web browser.
  • For more Info: To obtain the most information possible, visit this site thoroughly.  We also have a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel… we encourage you to subscribe.




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