our computer-generated spokesperson

While Buddy lacks in liveliness (and hair), he is very reliable.  When Gx has a message to share, Buddy is always willing to volunteer for the job.

When Gx created Buddy, it took a few weeks… we could do a much better animation.  We decided that Buddy was not meant for a best animation award… he was meant to send the world our messages.

While we may “Tweak” Buddy into a better version of himself sometime in the future, we believe you would agree that we have more pressing priorities.

Buddy was built using Blender 2.79, and modeled using MBLab.

the gx team

everyone else

Our awesome team works, well, as an awesome team should.

This is more than a job to us.  We are driven by purpose… a noble cause.

We eat, breathe, and sleep this project.  We have an entire world population to look out for.  If we bring it closer to home… we have families and friends too.  Our team is part of that family… and we’re not even dysfunctional!

Simply put, no amount of research or digging, labour, hours, revisions… none of that is too much work.  Our drive is infinite.  We do sleep… but to say we have a schedule… we don’t count the hours.

Our task is literally about improving the odds of humanity’s survival… no one can ask us to treat that like a job.  It’s an act of compassion.  We’re even fighting for those that would see us fail… strange isn’t it?

Our Amazing Staff

The awesome anonymous staff?

Although we won’t maintain our anonymity forever, we do have very good reasons for preferring this strange approach… at least in the beginning.

First, and it is well-known, some pretty influential parties won’t appreciate our presence.  Power and money, despite our pure intentions, rule this world.  We don’t want that to slow us down right from the start.  Since our project requires a strong outreach, these parties are going to notice.  Upon further thought… our reasons become obvious.